Sportswork - Sports Advisory

    Major events are an increasingly complex but powerful medium.

    With a highly experienced team, Sportswork advises on all aspects of major events and their forms.

    • Major events strategy for government
    • Major events strategy for sports tourism
    • Major events bidding and running
    • Major events commercial advisory
    • Major events marketing advisory

    Sportswork advises on national sports strategy and policy to drive identified objectives across government departments of Sport, Youth, Education, Health and Economic Development.

    Sport is an industry which both influences and is affected by government policy, thinking and direction. Beyond the primary benefits of individuals and nations embracing sport and increasing participation levels, sport is a recognised catalyst for driving positive results in health, education, personal development and driving national income.

    National objectives through sport can include:

    > Increasing participation in sports
    > Co-ordinating industry sectors to a national strategy
    > Capturing and driving national pride
    > Major events strategy to drive international profile and

    > Improving the health of the nation
    > Sports Tourism strategy
    > Sports education sector development
    > Objective driven government projects

    Sportswork understands the complexity of government, and has particular experience in working with ministries to strategise and implement major projects to drive national objectives.Sportswork advises on national sports strategy and policy to drive identified objectives across government departments of Sport, Youth, Education, Health and Economic Development.




    In an increasingly competitive global market, governments, sports authorities and brands need to be ahead of the competition and be confident that pivotal decisions are based on proven intelligence and credible due diligence.


    Sportswork has a strategic partnership with the University of Stirling, Scotland’s University of Sporting Excellence, internationally recognised for its innovative research and academic standards, and contribution to the nations sporting strategy and achievements.


    Together sportswork and the University of Stirling provide a powerful combination of commercial and academic expertise. For projects that require research, audit and analysis we offer a unique advisory service that will deliver the intelligence you need to progress with confidence.


    Areas that we have advised to public and private sector include:


    • Capacity building and development of National Sports Associations
    • Licensing & Merchandise
    • Broadcast & Media
    • Sports Tourism strategy
    • Financial Models and measurement
    • Investigation into Products and Retail Sector (delivering products for
    • domestic & international market)
    • Investigation into Facilities Sector (ensuring world class revenue generating 
    • infrastructure)
    • Investigation into Services Sector (facilitating international interest using
    • media & events)
    • National sports data and statistics - analysis and modelling
    • Sponsorship - opportunity / proposal assessment and measurement

    Sports Governing Bodies, International Federations and national sports authorities are the life blood of sport. It is widely recognised that governing bodies have the challenge to develop medal winning athletes, produce major competitive events, and be commercially driven across all these assets often without the resources to establish a commercial department carrying the specialised marketing, sponsorship and presentation skills required to impact what is a very competitive sector.

    Sportswork advises sports authorities on developing and implementing commercial programmes across the full spectrum of revenues streams.

    We will rarely sell sponsorship for governing bodies as we believe the best party to take a proposition to the market is the rights holder themselves.

    Our advisory approach is to craft a strong commercial asset map of inventory and develop a comprehensive strategy to drive revenues and returns for the client.

    We empower and train key personnel across all commercial spheres so they can operate independently with confidence and knowledge.

    As part of the advisory service Sportswork will also build and provide clients with a bespoke commercial presentation. For clients wishing to make most impact on the market Sportswork can develop a bespoke ‘ShowIT’ presentation. ShowIT is a dynamic presentation system to help a client truly stand out in the market.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn how we can help you win commercially, and accelerate your capabilities and revenues.




    One-off or out of the norm projects demand a wide range of skills and experience.

    Combining all areas of our expertise sportswork offers advisory on major sports related initiatives, whether they be events, team and camp management during major games or creating new sports properties.

    If you don’t know where to start, we do.  Any project, anywhere.


    Sportswork has been advising brands on utilising sports as a marketing platform for over 17 years.

    We advise brands on every aspect of their involvement in sports, whether it is through a sponsorship or pure media campaign. We tease out the objectives and deliver a strategy and programme that delivers.

    While many other companies focus on sponsorship or just selling it, we are about full picture sports advisory and strategy. Sponsorship can be a small part of a strategy - our big picture approach brings brands full view projects that deliver on multiple levels.

    We advise on and implement:

    • Sports marketing brand strategy
    • Sponsorship requests assessment
    • Sponsorship negotiations and strategy and internal guidelines
    • Sponsorship activation
    • Event management
    • Return on Objectives – standards and measurement
    • Key staff skills development and departmental structure.
    • Sports Broadcast & Media - production and rights

    Sportswork actively seeks sports related investment opportunities. We believe that by supporting a widespread and diverse range of activities in the sports sector we can add value and opportunity to our clients, and grow the sector organically.

    If you are seeking support for an opportunity or if you have an idea you need help to get off ground we would be pleased to hear from you.

    Our offices in Europe and Asia can support approaches from any region.

    We welcome opportunities related to sport in:

    • Retail
    • Licensing & Merchandise
    • Franchise development
    • Sports Marketing & management
    • Manufacturing
    • Event properties
    • Broadcast & Media
    • Equipment
    • Food & Beverage
    • Fitness & Leisure
    • Education & Coaching